Would you like to do a proper hike but you do not know what you need to be aware of or what you need to pack? We will help you for your hike by providing you helpful tips and information.

The trail

There are many useful free apps, for example, the Graubuenden hiking app, which you can open here. With just few clicks away, you can pick a location, see the duration, difficulty and length of the hike. Start easy! Especially in regards to elevation differences. Slowly increase and safely improve your alpine skills. And hey, there will be days where you can conquer any mountain, and the next time it is a struggle. No worries. This is normal, we have such days too J

Trail marks

In Switzerland you will often see red and blue trail marks that mark your way. There are many different trail levels, from T1 – flat area or slightly sloped to T6 – often very exposed, precarious jagged rocks, glacier with danger to slip and fall. You can find a detailed and well-arranged trail information in the SAC Hiking Chart. Once you start hiking stay on the red blue marks (level T2 and T3). We do not recommend to start hiking the blue white marks, if you do not have any mountain experience! 

What you need to put in your backpack

What is the most important item you need to bring with you if you find yourself in an emergency situation – food, something to drink or protection? What is your guess? Three, two, one… 😉 Contrary to the general opinions it is protection. Should you be exposed for many hours to cold and wet conditions, you would get hypothermia before you would to die of thirst. That is why you should always have a rain jacket and pants in your backpack as the weather conditions in the mountains change extremely fast and are unpredictable. In addition to our basic equipment we also take headlamps. We need them with us even if we have just planned a day hike. Just in case something unpredictable should happen, such as getting lost, get hurt or get lost, being prepared for every eventuality will help you to remain calm. First aid kit in your backpack is a must. It should include painkillers, Band-Aids and rescue blanket (the gold-silver ones).

Your gear may not weigh much and maybe it has not been used 1’000 times, but should you need it you will definitely not regret having it with you. We also bring a little light weight water filter with us, this one. This allows us to drink safely from all flowing waters. It can happen, that your hiking buddy or even yourself doesn’t have enough water on hand with a water filter you will be able to refill the bottle without thinking twice J

Below you can find a list of items which we take along for a day hike:

  • Rain jacket / pants
  • Headlamp
  • First Aid kit with a rescue blanket
  • Fire lighter
  • Knife / pocket knife
  • Trash bag
  • Rain cover and a small dry bag
  • Water bubble or bottle
  • Cash (you can’t always pay with your debit card)
  • Water filter

Of course there are more items that will find their way in our backpacks, but those listed above are the most important basics 🙂

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