A good preparation is necessary for a safe and enjoyable tour in the mountains. Therefor we decided to make a video about the physical preparation. In cooperation with Clara Jans, a movement pedagogue, we created a video with three excercises which gives you a good base for your next hike.

Hiking demands your whole body in endurance, strenght, balance and concentration. The most required body parts are your feet, knees, thighs, hips, core and back including shoulders.

For sure your feet carry your whole body weight plus backpack and a stable foot helps to prevent a twisted ankle. Some of the strongest muscles are located at your thighs and your glutes which gives you stabilisation for your knees and hips. A good trained core and back plus shoulders affects your posture in a positive way and helps you carring your backpack without pain. All in all a frequent training supports the interaction between your muscles so that you get a better feeling for your body as well as for your balance.

The excercises

The exercice “the floor scale” trains the stability of the leg axis, hip, knee and ankle so that you reduce your risk of injury and get a safer walk on uneven ground. The more challenging exercice stimulates your muscles which are responsible for your posture. In fact it will get easier carrying a backpack… 🙂

A strong center gives you the possibility to move economically and to relieve the pressure on the knees. The following exercice single leg strech and double leg strech cover most of those core muscles.

Have you ever noticed that you’re leaning forward while carrying a backpack on a hike? If so, the shoulder bridge is a good exercice to compensate this posture by training the antagonist. But not just the shoulder girdle gets trained, also your backside of the upper thigh including the glutes, your pelvic girdle.

In conclusion

The combination of a strong center, a good trained front- and backside as well as a sustainable stability and balance from those three exercises gives you a total package for your next hiking adventure. 🙂

Please remember, muscles won’t grow overnight – those exercices also may be not made for everybody and should be done properly in a spacious room.

We’d like to hear from you! Give us a feedback 🙂 Altough it’s in the middle of the hiking season, we love to give you some advice for getting physically ready for your next hike in cooperation with Clara, our movement expert. Her contact details are linked down below.

PS: We also have a PDF file for you to download!

Clara Jans, movement pedagogue


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Wael Afana · 10. November 2019 at 15:02

I like to hike with groups of people

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