Connect – meet new people

It all began with overhearing women talking about how they would love to go to the mountains but don’t know any other hiking enthusiasts. Or that they had recently moved to Switzerland, or that their families and friends do not share the same interests, and they feel that their possibility are muted. Some are overwhelmed with planning hikes or hiking by themselves. Meet Swissmountaingirls! Our platform invites hiking girls from all different parts of Switzerland and gives them a platform where they can connect more easily to other hiking girls. Who knows, we might live close by each other already. We regularly organize hikes where everyone can come along. You can find all upcoming events on our Homepage πŸ™‚

Inspire – pure inspiration

We aim to support female (hobby) photographers who love the Swiss mountains as much as we do through showcasing their photos on our account. And we would like to inspire all followers with these photos and motivate them to go out and experience the beauty this country has to offer! It doesn’t matter how many follower you have – show us your pictures and if it wows us it will be reposted! Just tag your picture with #swissmountaingirls if you think it should be added to our account πŸ™‚

Empower – share knowledge

Our (planned) blog will introduce useful apps, announces various event and information that makes hiking in the Swiss mountains an easy and safe experience. If we are found of a product which we use personally and consider them to be very useful, we will definitely not hide them from you.