Things you might want to know...

Here we have compiled a few questions that we often get asked and our answers to them. If the answer to your question is not included, just send us an email!

Is it really necessary to have a community for women only?

We think so! You see more and more women in hiking, but in more extreme sports like mountaineering, ski touring, etc., all-female teams are still severely underrepresented. For example, only 2.7% of mountain guides are women. Many women also state that they prefer and learn better in women’s groups and would like to have more female coaches. There is also a lack of female role models, as most mountaineers are still men. We would like to contribute to changing all this – we are not interested in excluding men (maybe there will be mixed events in the future), but in empowering and strengthening women. In addition, there are already many examples of such women’s communities in other countries, but there were none in Switzerland yet – so we thought we’d just start one! 

Can I join as a beginner?

Yes you can. We offer hikes in different levels of difficulty. We offer longer/more intense ones but also hikes that are easy to intermediate. The respective level will be chalked down as such, so you can easily identify beginner hikes. On these ones you won’t run out of breath and will be still able to talk to others 🙂 During the hikes you will notice very quickly who is accustomed to more intensive routes and who is a beginner. One will be more interested in photography and others are keen to hike up the mountain as fast as possible. If you get to talk to other women who share the same interests, arrange to meet them for a another hike on your level. It’s important to us that like-minded women can meet and connect 🙂 And by the way: If you would rather take the cablecar up or prefer an easier trail that is ok. Everyone is free to hike with us on their own terms 🙂

How many people are there on a hike?

That always depends somewhat on the event – usually between 5 and 12 people, we rarely have larger groups. We want everyone to be able to talk to each other personally, and experience has shown that this is difficult with larger groups or could feel too anonymous. Exception is our annual get together / hut weekend, there we have max. 20 people incl. team.

How long have you been a community?

Our Instagram page was launched mid-July 2018 and the webpage was added in mid-September 2018. Since then, our community has grown rapidly – we are very happy about it!

In which areas do you usually hike?

We offer our hikes almost all over Switzerland. Our hiking organizers are at home in Valais, Central Switzerland and the Zurich area and accordingly usually offer routes in their immediate vicinity.

Are you active during the winter season?

Yes, but less than in summer. This has mainly to do with the fact that we currently cannot offer ski tours and co. for liability reasons (as we are not mountain guides). We have organized snowshoe hikes and a ski day so far and will offer winter activities from time to time in the future 🙂

What about food and beverages during a hiking trip?

We usually do not organize food/drinks or reservations unless explicitly stated. All events are privately organized, hence we usually don’t charge fees of any kind – but donations (via TWINT) are always welcome to support us. Please bring your own meals with you and if a reservation has to be made beforehand, kindly do it in your name. You will get all the information you need after signing up for the event.

Are you earning money off of the hikes?

Currently we don’t. We are not a company, but a platform for private individuals and run by passionate women. The team of SMG volunteers during their spare time because they think it’s a good thing to share their mountain love with others. This being said we absolutely appreciate donations to cover our working time & other expensed (like hosting for the website, tools – currently around 300 CHF per year that are privately paid).

What do I need to know before I join a hike?

It is important to us that you keep in mind that these hikes are private and not professional events. We are not an official company, we are “only” passionate hikers who love Switzerland. We run this project during our free time and provide a platform to connect other women with the same passion. By attending one of our events, you are responsible for your safety and attend at your own risk. Any liability will be denied. Please make sure that you are well equipped for all weather conditions! This includes: good hiking boots, rain jacket, rain pants, water, food, sunscreen and all other important and necessary essentials. All hikes will take place in all weather conditions, except for thunderstorms. Should an event not take place, we will inform all participants via mail. 

I would like to volunteer. How can I do it?

Currently, all our positions are filled, but we are always happy to read about motivated women who have their own ideas and would like to get involved. Just drop us a line – who knows, maybe it’s a good fit! We look forward to hearing from you!