News & hiking dates 2022!

Hi girls, there has been a lot going on with us in the last few weeks – we have been screwing and tinkering behind the scenes! Namely we have worked on a new website (which you are looking at right now, new in German and English), new offers (MountainMatch, a get-together weekend and a new cooperation page) and new hiking dates! But everything in order 😉

New planning, new hiking dates

This year we decided to try something new – we have (almost) all the hike dates for 2022 already set, which will make planning easier for us and hopefully for you. So pull out the agenda:

April 24th (hosted by Julia)

May 22nd (hosted by Tina)

June 19th (hosted by Ariane)

August 21st (hosted by Katerina)

September 24th (hosted by Ariane)

December 4th (hosted by Katerina)

By the way, here you can see who exactly is behind the names.

What we’ll do and where the hike goes we will always publish about 2-3 weeks before the hike. However, it will be all rather intermediate hikes in the range T2-T3 – not because we would not want more, but for liability reasons we unfortunately cannot offer more difficult levels as we are not trained for that!

And something else is new – our hikes will remain free of charge, but we were very happy about your willingness to support us as indicated in our survey! Therefore, we now offer the option to send the organizers of a hike a small tip via TWINT for their work (about 2 days of preparation plus one day for the implementation per hike). So if you liked the hike you are welcome to send what you think is appropriate 🙂 You will receive the number for twinting from each organizer shortly before the hike. 


Get together - a common event for all mountain lovers!

We have heard your feedback in the survey from a month ago – the feedback was to also offer a networking opportunity for sports other than hiking (so e.g. female bikers or alpinists). We would therefore like to bring ALL together at one event: no matter whether you prefer hiking, biking, alpine touring or via ferrata! For this we have the following date in mind:


June 25th-26th, 2022
(alternative date September 3rd-4th in case of bad weather)


We’ll be doing a poll in the next few weeks to see if we’d rather organize it at a campsite or a hut – check out our stories and vote for what your favorite is!

Lastly, two new ideas: MountainMatch & Cooperations

In addition, we are trying to bring women with the same interests together in a new way – for this we have created a (very simple) first prototype of our idea “MountainMatch”. With this we want to connect girls based on their interests, from 5 people with the same topic interest you’ll get an email from us! You can find more information under the navigation point “MountainMatch”. Update: At the moment the offer is paused.

And last but not least, we have heard your wish to show more exciting activities in Switzerland. Hence in the future, we would like to work together with destinations, brands and tour providers who have exciting offers or products for women. For this purpose, we have set up the “Collaborations” section. We hope to be able to inspire you even better in the future and to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can experience the same, too. Of course, we would test products ourselves before we recommend them 🙂 

That's it – see you soon!

We hope to meet you in person soon on one of our hikes. In the meantime, if you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. And by the way: with our newsletter you will always be informed as soon as a new event is posted. No advertising – promised! Sign up here:

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